Quanta Future – CRM

Quanta Future

Customer Relationship Management system, developed on requirements issued by our Customer – Quanta Future.


Symfony, Doctrine, MariaDB, MongoDB, Node.js, RabbitMQ, Gearman, Redis, Asterisk, AngularJS, Sass, REST


The CRM includes the following features:

  • advanced segmentation based data queries
  • data synchronization with 3rd party web-services
  • integrated VoIP solutions (click-to-call, robot call campaigns, call forwarding to 3rd party services)
  • integrated payment solutions (instant, scheduled/automatic split payments) using different payment gateways
  • scenario based marketing system (email, SMS, call)
  • white label subsystem with different front-end product support
  • integrated affiliate system
  • performance oriented statistics aggregation subsystem
  • integrated automated front-end product registration system, including
  • domain and SSL certicate registration subsystem
  • integrated web shop subsystem
  • data import subsystem
  • live paid chat subsystem with realtime UI for Customer management and support
  • API subsystem for remote data manipulation procedures
  • promotion tool subsystem
  • dynamic registration form builder
  • desktop notifications
  • and many more…