Citintelly – Light for smart city

CitintellyCitintelly is a project from the world of Internet Of Things!


Symfony, Doctrine, MariaDB, Node.js, Azure IoT Hub, RabbitMQ, Javascript, AngularJS, Scss


“Citintelly – Light for smart city” is a functional and unique cloud based street lighting central management system. A perfect solution to manage large scale TALQ protocol-based outdoor lighting networks in order to control and monitor street lighting infrastructure while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs.

Citintelly project has been developed in close collaboration with LuxTechnology LuxTechnology on Symfony 3 framework and node.js, backed up by Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.

Specifically designed for CitIntelly devices.


  • Easy to use device initialization subsystem
  • Lighting system visualization in the map
  • Device control panels
  • Selective dimming and Energy profile management tools
  • Real-time luminaire problem detection subsystem
  • Organization/User management level with a detailed privilege subsystem
  • Communication module
  • Luminaire grouping and configuration
  • Reports

Link to Citintelly website: