CitIntelly – Street Lighting System

CitIntellyWe are proud to announce that in close collaboration with  LuxTechnology LuxTechnology we have developed and launched web-based IoT software for managing CitIntelly street light devices.

Here’s what CitIntelly say about the newly created product

CitIntelly has developed multi functional and unique cloud base street lighting central management system (CMS). It is perfect solution to manage large scale outdoor lighting networks in order to control and monitor street lighting infrastructure while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs. Lighting CMS is just the first step of more sophisticated Smart City platform development process.

Shortly on the technical side

Backed by Symfony 3, node.js and Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, this system will allow the customers of CitIntelly control and monitor their street-light devices easier than it ever was possible.

The software has been developed to control street light devices over TALQ protocol. Although specifically designed for CitIntelly, it will also work with other luminaire models implementing TALQ bridge and Luminaire controller features

The features it covers

  • Easy to use device initialization subsystem
  • Lighting system visualization in the map
  • Device control panels
  • Selective dimming and Energy profile management tools
  • Real-time luminaire problem detection subsystem
  • Organization/User management level with a detailed privilege subsystem
  • Communication module
  • Luminaire grouping and configuration
  • Reports

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