Partnership in software development

We are open for partnership

We are open for establishing a long-term partnership with individuals and companies that are interested in software development services.

Our previous experience has proven we are a reliable business partner. We have never failed to deliver the promised solutions.

Why would you choose us as your partner?

1. Dedication

We are dedicated to the work we do and take our tasks with responsibility.

All specialists are in-house based. When working with us, you work with our Team and you know exactly whom you are working with.

2. Flexibility

Our experience stretches across wide variety of business cases and models.

Our experience allows to adapt to the project conditions, choose the right project management model or combine them Ad-Hoc

3. Quality

We like to do our job and we like to hear from our customers that they are happy with it.

Therefore, we study, get trained and work hard to deliver sophisticated software of the highest quality. Everyone in our Team has a a proper education.

Agent Partners

Become an agent in your local market and grow your business while being backed up by our team.

If you are an IT entrepreneur, consultant or sales professional, we offer you to become our Agent Partner.

With this setting, you are in charge of finding business opportunities and generate leads. We, on the other hand, will work with you to plan, prepare and propel business proposals that deliver required services on-time and within budget.

The model of collaboration and revenue share is flexible.

If you have some potential customers but you are not sure how to prepare the offer, we’ll be glad to do consulting or take a part in the discussions with the lead directly.


Joint Venture

If you are a company or individual willing to develop a software product but you need a reliable partner to provide the technical solution, this option is for you.

A Joint Venture is a cooperative enterprises entered into by two or more business entities for the purpose of a specific project or other business activity.

We are keen to participate in software development for a wide range of businesses. See our Project page to check what kind of different areas we have successfully covered so far.

Through long-term relations, we always remain beneficial both: financially and as a stable business partner.

Joint venture

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