The Problem with Software

The ecosystem of the Internet is full of nice and useful things, like CMS and CRM tools.

Sometimes these applications are for free, sometimes they cost some money. But sometimes, they cost too much and maybe in your case are just not worth the price.

In any case, you will end up being in one of the following situations:

I have found the software I like. What’s next?

In many cases, these applications can be used without any modifications to solve the problem just by installing them on the hosting system and setting up the correct configuration.

For example, if you need a website, most likely Joomla, Drupal or MODx will do just fine.

If you are looking for Google Analytics alternative, PIWIK might do the ting.

If you are willing to start using some CRM tool, look at Vtiger.

We can help you to install your desired tool, configure it and maintain, if necessary!

I have found the software but it lacks some features. What to do?

You have found a tool on the Internet and it does pretty much what you want. You are almost happy – the tool just lacks couple of features.

There is pretty high probability that tool can be extended and we can help you with that!

I cannot find the software I need or can afford. Help me!

You ended up by finding out that there is no software you can get for free or buy. Or the one you found would cost you a fortune! Oh, snap!

We are ready to gather all your requirements, analyze them, build the architecture for your new software and, finally, develop it.