Custom Web Software Development

There's no question IF, only HOW it can be done...


Our expertise is development of a complex web-based application software with customer-specific requirements, such as:

– Business software
– Communication software
– Data management software
– Multimedia software
– Personal management software


We provide full software life-cycle services:

– Requirements analysis
– Design
– Implementation
– Maintenance


We understand that our customer has its unique problem to solve and our approach is to solve that problem together by communicating with the customer as much as possible and delivering a working prototype as soon as possible. This approach guarantees that our customer gets the product he has been waiting for.


Kotiq team is a set of experienced IT professionals. Our key members have over 10 years of experience building wide variety of applications.

Our team is formed only by people eager to learn the cutting edge technologies and solve tricky web oriented tasks. Facing the ambitious requirements of our customers is our routine.

Our international experience in project development makes it easy for us to work with our clients worldwide.


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